The foundation of restoration of museum relics in Azerbaijan has been established by Farhad Hajiyev who is restorative artist in 1957. The main purpose of The Centre for the Scientific Restoration of Museum Relics is the protection of the cultural heritage of our people. In our republic, the beginning of The Scientific Restoration of Museum Relics date back to the 50s of the 20th century.

The four departments of the centre are the:

1. Scientific Research Department;

2. Paintings Department;

3. Graphics Department;

4. Applied Arts Department (carpets and carpet products, metalware, furniture, embroidery, ceramic ware, etc.).

For 67 years the centre has been providing restoration services to 225 of the leading domestic and regional natural history museums of Azerbaijan.

During this time the centre has restored and preserved over 20,000 museum items.

These items include embroideries, clothes, fabric samples, carpets and carpet products, crafted metalware samples (including silverware), ceramic ware samples (pottery work), wooden items and decorations, and items obtained as a result of archaeological excavations.

March 12, 2019